Hugh Robert Davis + Louisa Ellen Jones

David Jones
David Jones

b. 1838  Pyle Bridge, Pyle, Glamorgan, Wales

d. 27 August 1922 (Age 84)  

Elizabeth Maria Rowe
Elizabeth Maria Rowe

b. between April 1850 and June 1850  Broadwinsor, Dorset, England

d. 15 June 1899 (Age 49)  Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

Hugh Robert Davis
Hugh Robert Davis

b. 1879  Kenfig Hill, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

d. 1 March 1934 (Age 55)  Pyle, Glamorgan, Wales

Louisa Ellen Jones
Louisa Ellen Jones

b. 3 February 1877  Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

d. 26 September 1969 (Age 92)  Pyle, Glamorgan, Wales

3 Children
Vera Davis
Vera Davis

b. between January 1905 and March 1905  Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

d. yes  

Worthy Adrain Davis
Worthy Adrain Davis

b. 25 October 1906  Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

d. July 1989 (Age 82)  North Dorset Registration District, Dorset, England

Gwyn Davis
Gwyn Davis

b. 10 November 1908  Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

d. 4 April 1995 (Age 86)  

Family Group Information

Marriage between April 1904 and June 1904
 Bridgend Registration District, Glamorgan, Wales

Source:  Free BMD - Index of Civil Registration of Births, Marriages & Deaths in England & Wales
Publication: On-line Birth Marriage and Death Index to GRO
Citation details: Jun Qtr 1904 Bridgend 11a 1249
Residence 1911
 Hall Cottage, Cefn Cribwr, Tythegston, Glamorgan, Wales

Source:  Census Returns - 1911 England & Wales
Publication: powered by
Citation details: RG14PN32580 RG78PN1861 RD591 SD4 ED12 SN138
Text: Hugh 32, Coal miner, hewer, Louisa Ellen 34, Vera 6, Adrian 4, Gwyn 2, and "nephew" Bert Jones 21 (this is undoubtedly Louisa's brother) living at Hall Cottage, Kenfig Hill (where Louisa's father and brother Bertie were living at the time of the 1901 census).
This census image has been obtained from The National Archives, the custodian of the original records, and appears here with their approval on the strict condition that no commercial use is made of it. Requests for commercial publication of this or other census images appearing on this website, should be directed to: Image Library, The National Archives, Kew, Surrey, TW9 4DU, United Kingdom.
1911 Census Image - Hugh Davis & Family
1911 Census Image - Hugh Davis & Family

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