Born in 1943 in Bristol, England; after time in the R.A.F spent most of his working life in Information Technology and Project Management; has lived in France since 1983; has two children from his first marriage; two step-children from his second; five times a grandfather, retired and has spent more time than considered reasonable by wife Ingrid researching Family History!

Now what else did you expect me to tell you about myself on a website which is free for anyone to see?!

In fact, there is more information about me in the database, as there is on many other living members of the family, but I shall use this page to explain the approach adopted by this website towards data privacy and the holding of data for those who are, or may be, still alive (the system assumes that a person is - or may be - still living if they were born less than 110 years ago and no death details have been recorded).

Anyone may access the site and see most of the data held in the database on over 16,000 individuals. However, in the interests of personal data privacy, only those who are in some way connected to the extended family are issued with a user registration which allows password-controlled access to data relating to individuals who are - or may be - still living.

If you are, or you believe that you may be, related to the families who are the subject of this website, and you have not already been issued with a user account, I should be delighted to hear from you - please request user registration now indicating how you believe you are connected to our extended family tree.